Sculptures Made Using Neon, LED's, Resin, Glass, Perspex in Public / Private Domain

Water Patterns

Water Patterns are ceiling or wall mounted resin reliefs that capture the essence of movement and freeze the often-missed textures of liquid. Designs are facsimiles of nature, moulded directly from the earth, rock, and seabed.

The process begins with a cast of the form in clay, then silicon and finally a transparent resin that evokes the works original context. Bubble like forms were found beneath a small waterfall, and casts of what the tide left behind are taken from the sites surrounding coastline.

Tools Of The Day

Referencing tools used in the textiles industry, such as bobbins and shuttles, the artist carved four sculptures out of local stone. A visit to the local museum in Milnsbridge, where a large number of original looms and other items are on display, provided a starting point for the designs. The stone pieces serve as a reminder of objects that once formed an important part of local life, while abstracting and exploring their shapes and forms, using the traditional techniques of stone carving.

A Million Years Under The Sea

This cylindrical sculpture displays a selection of pre-historic sea creatures whose fossilised remains have been found in Dudley, Birmingham. They date back millions of years to a time when the whole area was under the sea.

Sea Pattern Process

‘Sea Pattern’ was created by taking plaster casts of different patterns from the seabed of the surrounding coastline of Northern Ireland.

Casts were taken back to my studio and silicon moulds made and re-cast in translucent clear resin. These were then constructed into a steel light box and LED lighting added to illuminate the clear casts.

The lights change gradually through a spectrum of coloured light giving the work continuous atmosphere of movement and colour, much like the sea during its daily ebb and flow.

Outside, Inside

The theme Outside, Inside, for floor 3 at Broomfield Hospital has the theme of Fresh Water and River Banks it relates to different aspects of the Essex landscape.

I produced 5 photo light box based artworks these are a series of images in each light box. The photos are of my journeys along the rivers and banks around the Essex landscape.

I was looking at the way light moves around and reflects on water and plants and riverbanks of this area.


The theme OUTSIDE/INSIDE, and the floor level 3 theme, Fresh Water & River Banks will relate to different aspects of the Essex landscape, my ideas have been to work with the Essex landscape by casting Sea Patterns. These will be created by making plaster casts of different patterns from the seabed of the surrounding coastline of essex. The Casts will be taken back to the studio and silicon moulds made and re-cast in translucent resin. These will be constructed into frames and illuminated using LED lighting.

Beneath The Tide, Within The Tide

Beneath The Tide and Within The Tide was commissioned by The Crescent Art Gallery for a solo show Landmarks in Scarborough. The work was created to evoke and highlight the dynamics and beauty of the North Yorkshire coastline. Sections of tidal patterns were cast directly in plaster from patterns in the sand formed by the ebbing tide.


‘Heat Waves’ are a series of light boxes inspired by the movement of heat, its mirage effects upon the landscape, and seemingly shimmering linear effects heat can sometimes create.

Original design s from the Foundation Design students of Oldham College were developed and realised by artists into physical artworks situated in the public domain. The works offer dimensions of colour created by the layering of laser-cut acrylics.

Pebbles Rock Pebbles

Pebbles was created as a gallery piece. Rocks and pebbles were collected from the coastline around the UK and cast in clear resin. They were lit from underneath to emphasise the casts and bring them alive.

The artist was intrigued by the idea of taking unremarkable pebbles and transforming them into beautiful and striking objects, in the same way that mundane grey and brown pebbles on the beach reveal their hidden beauty and become alive with colours when immersed in the sea.

Text Tower

Text Tower was a temporary cubic structure enclosing halogen lights and using coloured filters to highlight hidden words and phrases within the seemingly random text, including ‘Sweet Water Like Gold’ and ‘In Darkness Comes Light’. The words and letters were formed from 10mm holes drilled through the wood. Lights concealed inside the sculpture shone through the holes, creating a digital text effect at night.

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