Date Made: 
Whitefriargate, Hull
Materials and Size: 
Wood, Mirror, Florescent lighting, 1.5m x 1.5 x 500mm
Arc, Hull City Council

Working with Hull City Council and the Shop Front initiative, Arc commissioned four artists to each have a 10-week installation in the windows of the empty shops on Whitefriargate, and using the street as a gallery to exhibit their work. "I wanted my work to respond with the reason the empty spaces were there.

The work is about the economic downturn, that through excessive spending we have gotten ourselves into this financial mess and I wanted to make some works that reflected this while being positive and looking at ways we can deal with it" This work is made up of a five-sided mirror cube with 8 colored tube lights, these run in liner line reflecting the horizon line of the hull sea line which captures the light of many elements within or next to the sea.

The idea is create a confusion so when your walking up to the work it looks as if its just a liner line work but when one gets nearer you can see an endless refection of light melting down and upward. This is also inspired by the play of light from and refection of water around Hull’s Quay. On the floors of these windows there are three slide projectors, projecting images that I have taken around the City of Hull of light trails. These are projected onto the pavements and buildings creating an array of light and color on the floor as people are walking around and through the work.

Raphael Daden Arc Hull City Council
Raphael Daden Arc Hull City Council
Raphael Daden Arc Hull City Council

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